List Partners LLC
Profoundly Changing Business Development

A global business development firm with over two decades in the marketing and advertising industry, List Partners LLC connects businesses with high value prospects, empowering them to grow their company and forge profitable, long lasting client relationships.

The essence of who we are as a company and team can be found in our culture and behaviors. Not only do they define our success as an organization, but they also drive the success of the thousands of business development teams we work with every day.

Love What We Do & Who We Do It For

We are passionate about business development, marketing, advertising, media and technology. We stay current with these industries and thrive on the details that make a difference to our clients.

Constantly Improving Processes

Every day we seek to do things better, faster and smarter. Whenever possible we improve our technology or processes and measure the impact of our improvements.

Delight Our Clients

The objective for every client interaction is to make every experience outstanding, surprising our clients with our knowledge, quality, level of service and speed.

Experiment on a Regular Basis

The only way for us to continuously improve is to try new things, measure the results, and then improve our processes. Everything we do should be viewed as a test; nothing is permanent.

Be Fearless

Everything you do has the potential to end in failure or great success. We focus on the desired outcome and don’t spend time worrying about the down-side. Fearless companies accomplish great things.

Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate

Each accomplishment, no matter how large or small, is an opportunity to catch people doing it right. And as a team, once we complete a task, we celebrate it.

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